Friday, October 22, 2010

Cool I am a leading online high quality music box

Online music player sound quality has been mixed. Sound quality on the preference is usually for their users to download high quality music to solve the problem. In terms of online players is not difficult to achieve high sound quality, while still maintaining high-speed audition and not easy to play, cool music box is how I do the coding rate up to 192Kbps while maintaining high-speed file it?

1. High-quality playback test

Now the network files to WMA and MP3 music formats based. Friends often listen to music all know, the two formats are compressed formats, good sound quality evaluation of whether the standard is to see its code rate. Many people think 128kbps for MP3 on the already good, and professional to say that 320kbps MP3 was the best, and the CD is basically no difference.

128Kbps MP3 file as the basic coding rate equal to 64Kbps WMA files, so the pursuit of sound quality for music lovers, the encoding rate of 64Kbps or more Wma music files and more than 128Kbps MP3 files in order to meet the demand for high quality appreciation.

So cool I downloaded music files music boxes are coding rate and how much. We can determine the file size to a simple, general 64Kbps WMA encoding rate of 2MB file size, while the rate of 128Kbps MP3 files encoded at around 4MB. I open the cool music box in "Network music library" window any search songs search results on the mouse to point, a prompt will bounce menu shown above are cool I will provide the music box song download WMA and MP3 file size, After several searches, provided the music files are WMA format can guarantee about 2MB, MP3 files are better, more than half of the files over 5MB. This shows that the cool music box I provide high-quality music files is guaranteed.

Figure 1

I mainly used to cool music box online audition, it provides quality online audition song be? To open the C: Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Datamcache, this folder is the default save cool music box I listen documents online , listen to WMA files files are, point your mouse file in the pop-up menu see the WMA files can be directly encoded rate. After several tests you can see, cool music box I have provided online audition files encoded at 192Kbps rate over most of a small amount also does not meet the 192Kbps to 128 Kbps or more in the.

Can be seen from the above, the present cool music box I have solved the online music player common problem of poor sound quality, can provide high-quality music files online audition and download services. This is undoubtedly the general one of the major gospel music lovers ah.

2. High-speed downloading high quality music

General high quality of the music file sizes are large, download time and download time audition buffer than long, cool music box I use an advanced multi-resource hyper-threading technology, a good solution to this problem can be guaranteed to the shortest possible time-line play out and downloaded to the machine. Have tested with ten songs, online audition only 1,2 seconds to play out (side of the buffer while playing), if you want to download songs, usually as long as several seconds to get, very quickly. Can be said that high-quality music files downloaded a great tool for the.

3. Download high quality file format option

Some friends like to download MP3 files, and some friends are like the WMA format, cool music box I provided a download format for optional services to meet the needs of different users.

Cool music box in the top right hand corner I click on "Settings" 鈫?"Options Settings" 鈫?"download" option in the "song download Strategy" column provides the "priority download MP3 format, not the Download Wma format "and" Always download Wma format "and other options needed to select, click" OK "button to apply.

Figure 2

Often need to download the song for friends, you can also select "Automatically generate singer Category" box, specify a value below. So that when you download the songs, the same singer's songs more than the value you specified when , cool music box I will automatically create a catalog for the singer. so you can ensure you download the songs unified classification, do not worry about downloading songs disorganized, difficult to manage the.

For most online players, the speed depends on the audition of the original file size, cool my exclusive technology has successfully solved the problem, I can say that in the cool music box also has a high quality music experience with high-speed is unusual.


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photoshop rendering realistic beautiful necklace

Sincerely hope that this tutorial beginner photoshop can bring a little bit of friends I had had the sense of accomplishment. Because it is the author of the study two weeks after the first photoshop works, goes to work all right, I remember previously seen the necklace shape, so try relying on the impression a bit. The following is a result of which plan:

Effect Picture

Step 1:

Open photoshop, create a new file, set shown in Figure 1:

(Figure 1)

Step 2:

Tick the pendant with the outline of the Pen tool in the non-Chinese input state, press d key, foreground color set to black, click on the path to adjust the fill button on the board, to fill the black pendant, shown in Figure 2:

(Figure 2)

Step 3:

Step 2 Use the pen tool, such as tick chains and pearls, chains in the path of adjustment board to select Stroke Path button click; select the path Click Fill button pearl; shown in Figure 3:

(Figure 3)

Step 4:

Back to the Layers palette, click the pendant pearl strap were filled with layers of colors to choose their favorite color, as shown in Figure 4:

(Figure 4)

Step 5:

Shown in Figure 5, select the pendant layer styles in the Style palette will set the style for the web, then click the mercury style pendant layer in the Layers palette click the Style button on the right to adjust the style, such as the projection direction adjusted to the correct location, etc., you can try an item, you can feel fit, but also a change later.

(Figure 5)

Step 6:

Step 5 concocted a way as beads and strap style, you can try to photoshop already provided in the various styles, choose a similar minor adjustments can be their own satisfaction, as shown in Figure 6

(Figure 6)

Step 7:

In the Layers palette to select the background layer, choose black and white gradient with the gradient tool, means for the radial, pulled out a straight line in the layer, fill the background as shown above to form a lighting effect. Open photoshop brush the top right of the default window, set the brush diameter of about 75, about 7% roundness set, in order to more clearly see to be the distance between the large (not adjusted it will not affect the operation of the back). Back to the Layers palette, the new layer and name stellate, with the brush tool by clicking on the corner of a pendant, and then brush the default window, set the angle of 90 degrees, the other the same, back to stellate layer Tap the same position again. Continue to open the brush preset window, set the angle of 45 degrees, the diameter reduced to 50 or so, back to stellate layer tap, and then set to 135 degrees angle, and then tap, stellate results came out, in order to more realistic number, on the establishment of a halo layer, and stellate size of a constituency almost circular, with white to transparent radial gradient fill mode, so that a realistic stellate results came out, as shown in Figure 7 , forgot to say, remember to make when stellate foreground set to white (English input state, press d key, then press the x key), set to black it does not matter, but ... ... you ever seen a black stellate Why?

(Figure 7)

Step 8:

Here we are mouse drawn necklace basically completed, but careful you'll find some significant problems still image above, right? By the way, in the lanyard and Pearl where the connection is obvious to see that strap on the Pearl is not the penetration overlap, which is later repaired, you can create a new fill layer, then use the brush tool to cover up this smear defects can also directly copy a short lanyard strap layer after it is adjusted to achieve realistic effects, and finally, marked their logo, a simple but beautiful necklace will be presented fairly in the face, and Figure 8 shown, you can bring other like pictures synthesis of production, this is something.

(Figure 8)

Sincerely hope that this tutorial beginner photoshop can bring a little bit of friends I had had the sense of accomplishment. Because it is the author of the study two weeks after the first photoshop works, goes to work all right, I remember previously seen the necklace shape, so try a bit With the impression, when looking at "My Own Swordsman", so to use the wish unparalleled actor Ni Hongjie PP Give us a few pictures of the necklace do advertising, hoho ~, if there are manufacturers willing to produce, friends are welcome to not busy month for indecent assault also affect frost discuss ~ ~ ~ Here are a few renderings :

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From "primary school students could get title qualification" that open to

Title, is the dream of modern-minded practitioners, what is the struggle of life, life goals, but how many people get it then? Yunnan primary Linze Nan, although only 10 years old, his name has suddenly been widely circulated , become blown away by the news figures, because the Greek race through his education, training, creating a minimum age for access to titles in China qualified first of its kind.

The administration under the existing enterprises and institutions review the title policy, or more stringent. In general, graduate professional and technical personnel more than one year before a title worthy of the assistant engineer, working six years of professional engineers and technical personnel can get title, be the first of the.

Linze Nan has a capacity of primary school students in the second half of 2007 National Computer and software professional qualifications (level) examinations, qualification examinations in the programmer made the morning of 51 hours, 48 minutes at the results (the eligibility criteria are 45 minutes morning and afternoon ), became the youngest national certification through the programmer. According to today's soft-test policy in 2003 [39] documents, if passed the test for programmers, then, for the title with a junior (assistant engineers or technicians) qualified.

Editor's Note: The Ministry of Personnel in 2003 [39] Article X of document: "pass the exam and receive the appropriate level of computer technical qualifications (level) certificate of personnel, that it has with the work of professional positions in the corresponding level and ability, the employer can "Provisional Regulations engineering and technical personnel duties," the relevant provisions and operational requirements, from access to a computer professional qualification (level) among the best certificate of appointment of the appropriate professional and technical positions. made the initial appointment of qualified technician or assistant positions available; obtain intermediate qualification may be appointed Engineer duties; obtain advanced qualifications, appointment of senior positions. "

First, students could get titles of qualifications, should vigorously promote?

Lin Zenan this example, we should say only the cases was a special case, we can not only see the result of his success, but should pay more attention to the process of his success to enlightenment posterity. In this regard, we should think, to not vigorously promoted?

Here is to promote and follow the example of the problem, we should vigorously promote a spirit, and not blindly follow suit. To promote proper, itself a remarkable achievement, follow the example of oversight, no end of trouble. According to the father on the son of a small Tjian growth process, summarize a number of philosophical language worth learning, and promote: emphasis on children's early education; individualized, more efficiently; interest, and bronze and stone; soft-examination is not an end, but a study way. We want to promote is the spirit.

If it is blindly imitate, every parent, regardless of their child's own conditions and interests, forcing the children to learn programming, take title, dry the child headache, like overnight or superior, it will put an end to child artificially future, lead to social disaster.

Second, to take title by soft exam qualifications, having a short cut?

Qualification test to take title by soft, compared with the title review, is completely open another stream path approach. That is perfectly justifiable to meet national policy requirements, and can effectively avoid the title of the assessment of many irrational factors, employees or related IT staff, the title is eligible for access to the best way.

First, the soft-examination certificate of gold content is very high. Because the soft test by the State Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Information Industry and the leading state-level exam aimed at scientific and fair manner on the national computer and software professional and technical personnel in professional and technical qualifications, professional qualification and professional skills test. Its authority and seriousness of the community and widely recognized by employers, professional and technical positions known as the Chinese IT exam qualifications and one brand. China's soft-examination has been signed with some countries, a memorandum of mutual authentication, is gradually moving towards the world.

Second, the soft-test for the IT Training industry has played an irreplaceable role in a huge. Since the joint entrance examination since 1987, have been implemented throughout the country for 20 years, the cumulative number of people take the test more than 2 million people.

Third, the trend of reform titles, will test on behalf of the assessment is based on?

Titles Evaluation has been implemented in China for 20 years, and indeed for China's reform and opening up, economic development has played a catalytic role, but there are still some outstanding issues: the value of paper identification, assessment standards. As the review title, there is an indicator of the arrangements, the same year was awarded the same level with the professional titles of the people, in different regions, different units, to very different far.

Annual review of policies and evaluation rules are constantly adjusted, although there is also a quantitative scoring method, but always tied up an "evaluation", which are likely to produce any subjective assessment assumptions, all comments will have emotions, Any comments will appear interpersonal black hole. All comments must have a thesis, and evaluation of the paper title, the number of water, only God knows. Really valuable papers really pitiful. Title Whither reform?

Soft-test policy reform (to test on behalf of the assessment), is the whole country, can be objective and fair, standardization, consistency, and break under these indicators by Area unreasonable tricks of the old, fully mobilize the real level, knowledge the people's initiative.

Currently, computer technology and software professional examinations, so that the title of the professional examination on behalf of the comments made to the benefits of a national level exam in English professional experience, you can also learn from soft-examination, the title of the assessment in order to achieve the purpose of test generation evaluation.

All other professional and technical titles can do to test? Will not develop a national examination? Now, it is unlikely, because the operation is more difficult. The author seems, in the title of the assessment on to test the test, the assessment of appropriate assessment policy of walking on two legs will not change now, and will not be much of a breakthrough.

Fourth, to participate in education and training of the Greek race, there is no evidence of protection take?

Linze Nan has a strong ambition, his success and continued efforts are inseparable at the same time, the Greek culture of education contributed to competition. The Greek race has a strong faculty of education, rich experience of teaching practice, there is strong backing of the Greek race advisory group. After several years of practice, the Greek race has been set up IT education, distance education brand. The Greek race has already produced a Linze Nan education, can foster more Lin Zenan it? Greek race education experts, tutors Tang Lin Zenan strong upbeat, said: "just from the Greek Competition Network's network of independent school game, with advanced teaching models and ideas. We hope to have more friends with this platform through the soft test to Grow. "

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Who will save the TV shopping?

Wandering in the supermarket today, see store television news, was a bit happy heart, to broadcast news is better than the day this way commercials are better than broadcast advertising. Consumers will not feel particularly offensive.

Not reflected in the smile on his face felt wrong, and how it? News reporting on a scandal. Recently a television shopping community is sensational scandal. Hou Xingzu clamored and hearts are the relevant authorities to identify eight drilling, Bofen Hearts and Arrows diamond crystal diamond is used in artificial diamond. Cost of less than 50. Directly on the cold in my heart.

Hou said the total could be shouting hoarse for 30 million of diamonds sold to consumers in China to 998 yuan, three men in the commercials are in addition to host a half-man half-woman an American GIA Gemological Institute of Zhang Zhen, also come up with the GIA certificate of authenticity and a photo of the President, first read the ad when it feels is not in, pull the banner, do tiger.

This is a lot of TV shopping advertisements to impress consumers, the birth of a group of social instant fan of Hou total. User Comments Hou total advertising for the most cattle call for the "Golden Horse winner." Author a friend about the ad's innovation also given a high rating, "Hou Xingzu: Alternative TV shopping could have done!" Http:// Innovation is there, also broke through the bottleneck of the identical binding shopping ads, social caused a great sensation has proved the success of advertising. But too sad, and then buried in the most essential issues. Merchandise is counterfeit, you are cheating consumers, consumers Dang Shazi you look. Had very low trust in the case, you gave the program the advertising industry heavy knife.

We have to admit that consumers do not trust advertising, advertising on TV shopping to complete almost the level of distrust.

Since entering China in 1992, the first day of TV shopping, on with the deception, lies and profits. Insiders disclosed that, if handled well all aspects of relations within a year will not be investigated and exposed, then the product of a TV shopping annual profit in more than 10 million.

Current consumer TV shopping has undergone a fundamental change, not a curiosity, but cheating ... ... and this impact continues to spread quickly. In such a market with no credit to speak of Acorn International, Seven Star Shopping, etc. play an important role, together with representatives of the marketing team lizard soldiers pushed, one after another commercial interpretation of myth.

Consumers finally could not stand being cheated again and again. Countries are forced to enact laws to weight loss, breast enhancement, increased, medicine, medical equipment limited to broadcast TV shopping programs. In China, half-baked market background, do Diansha is immune.

But in the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries, TV shopping is a consumer purchases of goods is an important channel, has long been a relatively mature industry. U.S. TV shopping sales account for about 8% of total U.S. retail sales. According to China Association of Television Advertising Committee of the figures, in 2005 the total retail sales over 6700 trillion yuan, the TV shopping was only 0.1% share.

However, mature foreign trade in China may not be able to do the same. The same as the stock market. In the U.S. stock market is a place for the people for profit, because the SEC is absolutely strict law enforcement, but look at the stock market in China is simply not the place where ordinary people for profit, this is a vampire of the bottomless pit, nature has changed. Because our current legal system is not perfect, even if not by law. So some of the social market model is an absolute survival.

According to a survey conducted by the reality: 30% had a TV shopping experience is not to buy the most needed commodity, after the quality of the product concerned about; 8% of people regret their purchases.

It seems the local community interested in the challenges these businesses in the social and moral bottom line.

Kai's visit to Cuba to find out, we remember the snow into the red top Sinopharm number, Hu Qingyu Tang was founded in 1874, and the official mall of Hu walk between life, but darker, "doctor, is also is Humanity", which is Hu Qingyu Tang success and a place in posterity reasons. To "quit bullying" and "genuine fixed price" and other business management, not only for the Hu Qingyu Pharmaceutical South Church laid the foundation for dominating, but also as I won the hundred years of Hu's reputation. Today, Hu Qingyu Tang handwritten inscription in the year of Hu's "Ring deceptive" plaque is still the drugstore he founded the "letter"-based injustice. "Fan Bai was not deceptive trade are words, Pharmaceutical relationship life, particularly million not to be bullied, I deliberately serve our community, refusing to get huge profits Liepin. If only party of the heart over mind, procurement really works, repair system works fine, will not be deceive deceive people ... ... "So a" trust "is amazing in how.

Our nation has its own unique resources - credibility. Sadly, we not only do not use, but repeated violations to the "reputation" word. Why do consumers become more exclusive advertising, a rare but visual fatigue, tired? Ask ourselves, what is essentially the problem in the end? Self-evident

TV Shopping If you want to survive the Chinese market environment, we must first address what? Reason, either channel, not a lack of a platform of social trust. First of all, consumers look with confidence to re-examine you. In a market without any reputation to speak of marketing to the next you want to change anything? Can only say you are crazy.

Acorn International, Seven Star Shopping also to begin broadcasting in late last year, as the shopping channel, in order to have a good future, first clean the market to pack more. Otherwise, this immature market will ruin your future.

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Servlet's Context and Config

For the web container is, Servlet Context Servlet interface defines a context object, this object defines a Servlet Servlet engine on the view. By using this object, Servlet can log events, obtain resources and get the engine from the Servlet class.

Servlet container is loaded at startup web applications and web applications for each Servlet context to create a unique object, could Servlet Context as a Web application server-side component of shared memory, can be stored in the Servlet Context share data, he provides four read and set the shared data. See in particular api help file.

In addition, Servlet Context object only in the web application is closed macro will only destroy, different web applications, Servlet Context independent existence.

A web application from the jsp, Servlet, javabean constitute such a collection of web components, each web application, the container will have a background object, while the javax.Servlet.Servlet Context interfaces provide a way to access the background object. You can be a Servlet examples getServlet Context () method to run them by the Servlet objects in this background, the background object from this you can access the following information resources:

1. Initialization parameters

2. Stored objects in the background

3. The resources associated with the background

4. Log

Finally, Servlet Context is my own conclusion:

Servlet Context Servlet container that is, their method can provide the same Servlet web applications were all under the use of, and for the config object, he is compared with the context, there is a lot of limitations.

When the Servlet Config object in the Servlet has been instantiated for any client to access at any time effective. But a Servlet to Servlet Config object can not be another Servlet access, that is, after a statement in the Servlet Servlet Config can only be accessed within the Servlet, are durable and effective internal variables.

Under one case, for a deep understanding of:

In general, the configuration of the entire application, in order not to use "hard coding" should be configured as Servlet Context parameter, such as character set settings.

................. CharsetGB2312 .................

Note that the above format is only 2.0 standard format after the old container (engine) with service providers own configuration format. Note that it's parent element should be that it is the role of an application.

If only a specific set of parameters Servlet to other Servlet can not be shared, it should be configured as Servlet Config parameters, such as a Servlet to read attachment to the absolute directory to use, while the other Servlet will not be used:

GetAttmail.GetAttServletabsPath / usr / mail / ax / axman / Maildir /

Needless to say, because the label has been specified name and class, this means that only mail.GetAttServlet
Servlet in order to get to the path, while others can not get to the Servlet.

Even before we talk about the attributes of this understanding, let's learn together about how to obtain the parameters of the two objects:

Access Servlet Config parameters:

First of all, to get Servlet Config object, then call it the getInitParameter (); method. To access the Servlet Config object, jsp config directly using built-in objects, but because of your JSP Servlet compiled in general will not be added to the web.xml, so generally not through jsp to take on the JSP compiled Servlet configuration parameters, then the Servlet to get Servlet Config object in two ways:

In inii () method to take to: overloaded method of passing through init

..... Public class Test extends HttpServlet (ServletConfig config; public void init (ServletConfig config) throws ServletException (this.config = config;) ..................)

Then in the following ways to access config object. But to note that in order to ensure construction methods from the config object to the current Servlet should call the parent class constructor:

..... Public class Test extends HttpServlet (ServletConfig config; public void init (ServletConfig config) throws ServletException (super.init (config); this.config = config;) ............ ......)

By getServlet Config () method directly to, the benefits of doing so is not mixing manual transmission properties, can at any time

To obtain.

A third method, it has to implement some interface, not here presented as a general discussion.

To access the Servlet Context object, as long as from the existing Servlet Config object getServlet Context () on it, and then
Call it the getInitParameter () method can access its parameters.

Ordinarily: Servlet Context Servlet Config object scope than the scope, why to get from the Servlet Config in the Servlet Context object? I personally think: container preservation for many Servlet Context object, a request which the container in the end take
To you? It contains Servlet Config take that information to you, that take Servlet Config object's parent object. As if the same HttpSession obtained from requset is taking the request object contains the current session object to you, this is only my personal idea, not had time to look at implementation. Anyway, so use it on.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Farewell babyface, iSee 1 minute to create face-lift effect

1. Start face-lift. Than the first face-lift and fat part of the Department.
iSee Open Figure 1. Select "on the right sidebar" - Portrait beauty - large eyes.

Figure 1

Into the "large eyes" processing interface, select "Zoom document."

Written Size: 27 (written transferred to the appropriate size)

Zoom strength: -32 (to enlarge the intensity to a lower negative)

Figure 2

Part of the circle center near the face-lift inside, click the left mouse button, you can face-up. Proposed to image zoom, can be fine-tuning.

2. Then a little face-lift and fat part of the Department.

Written Size: 27

Zoom strength: -18 (the face-weakened)

Figure 3

Click the left mouse button, the circle center section near the face-lift inside and curvature along the contours of the face to the MM face-lift. This effect is more natural face-lift. Only a minute, babyface really gone. Keep the thin face small V. And dermabrasion whitening look, plus a lovely graffiti, the effect is even more perfect.

Figure 4

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Three strategies to help you get started WinRAR

That file compression, we naturally think of WinRAR, this software provides the most popular RAR and ZIP files full support, but also extract ACE, ARJ and other formats. WinRAR is easy to install, the installation file, all the way "confirm" on it.

To the file "package" - Compression

Use WinRAR to compress and decompress operations, the general practice of using the shortcut menu associated with right-to complete. For example should a non-compressed folder compressed folder, for example imgaes.

Right-click the folder pops up a menu, you can see above the "Add to the compressed file, add to the images.rar, compression and E-mail, compressed to images.rar and E-mail" four commands (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Select "Add to zip file" you can open the dialog box (Figure 2), where you can re-enter the compressed file name, such as change the picture. Rar; in the "compression" option, the default is "standard" options to improve the compression speed "fastest", to improve the compression quality choose the "best."

Figure 2

Tip: If you want to add files to the archive has been created, you can drag files directly to the archive has been created on the file icon can be automatically added.

To the archive opened - Extract

Extract the compressed file is restored to its original appearance, the specific operation method is simple: for example in the "Explorer", as long as right-click the file (such as the above-mentioned images.rar), it will pop up 1 include the "open, extract files, extract to the current folder and extract images" of four command shortcut menu (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Tip: By default, to view the content of the self-extracting files are viewed through the following extract, in fact, just use WinRAR to open the self-extracting file, double-click the file in the main window you can see the content.

Select "Extract to current folder" that directly compressed package files to the current folder, does not suggest that you select the action, because if the contents of compressed too much and often would bring the current folder management inconvenience.

Select "Extract to the images" that extract directly to the current folder "images" folder, and will automatically create the folder.

Volume production pay would automatically extracting file

Sometimes when doing large file transfers, often in compressed using compression software to a floppy disk sub-volume approach, and in the recovery time if the other machine does not have compression software can not be restored.

Starting from the WinRAR, sub-volume feature is the introduction of the self-extracting file. Makes the sub volume extract the compressed file is no longer dependent on compressed file itself.

1. For the main interface, select the compressed folder or file, click the right mouse button, from the shortcut menu, select "Add to File" commands. In the window that will compress document name filled in, need to take the path (such as A: the file name). And then from the drop-down menu, select the capacity and the corresponding value floppy. Equipment for automatic detection of the six options, you can also enter the set value (Figure 4).

Figure 4

2. In the document, select Options in the region, "SFX", and finally click OK to begin dividing and compressed to produce the first file extension. Exe, the second document extension. R00, s 3 to. r01, and so on.

3. In the other machine to restore the above file, first insert the first floppy disk, do. Exe files will then be prompted to insert the other floppy disk in turn, will successfully complete decompression.

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